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About the Law Office of Lora L. Phipps

 Founded in 1997

At the Law Office of Lora L. Phipps, we understand many different factors contribute to financial difficulties. The stress of living payday to payday, making mortgage payments, car payments, paying medical bills and credit cards can be overwhelming and disheartening. From the time you schedule your FREE no-obligation consultation to receiving your final court ordered discharge of your debt, you will be treated with respect. Our professional staff is friendly and attentive, which will give you piece of mind during the entire bankruptcy process. 

Our debt-relief services include Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, consumer debt advocacy and other debt-relief law. Together, we can stop creditor harassment, prevent property loss and create a plan to move past overwhelming debt burden and get you on the road to financial recovery.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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